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Tenerife Kayak and Snorkeling Adventure

Kayaking adventure with snorkeling and turtles

Everyday at 8 AM an 10.30 AM 45 Euro/person
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Kayaking Adventure in Tenerife

Kayaking adventure in the open ocean. Who knows what you may see...

START AT 8 AM and 10.30 AM 35 EURO

Private Tenerife Kayak and Snorkeling Adventure

"Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what's inside". Let's find out! Get on board in this exclusive adventure

65€/person - Book now and pick a start time between 8 AM and 10.30 AM

Kayak Adventure Tour - Free pictures included

This experience will be the most avesome adventure of your lifetime! We will paddle down of the cliffs of the natural reserve Volcano Guaza, we will snorkel with giant sea turtles and we will search for the wild dolphins! And to not forgot, the only Sea Cave in Tenerife will be visited also! Do not worry about previous kayak experience, Dan was a profesional athlete so he will teach you the best paddle tehnic to enjoy 100% this eco adventure. For the snorkeling we have normal masks and also full face masks, extreamly easy to use and handle, so only swimming experience required. We organize the adventures in the morning, so we enjoy the best meteo conditions, a quiet ocean and no wind and at midday. The second adventure requires a better fit level and is not recomended for kids. Depending of what you want, you can pick the kayak and snorkeling or just kayak, both available at the morning tour or the midday tour. The timetables can be checked in the calendar as depending of the time of the year, they change.

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We are in Playa de Los Cristianos

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August 2021
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We invite you to spend an amazing day in Los Cristianos. Since eight years we are organizing guided tours for outdoor activities like Hiking, SUP, Kayaking, Nordic walking or Surfing lessons. Dan, your guide and instructor is a passionate about sports and likes to have great fun while practicing them. For him Tenerife is the best place to live, because of natures amazing sceneries and a infinite alternatives for outdoor activities. His motto is "Safety first"!


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