Frequently Asked Questions


You have to be in a good health condition and capable of physical effort. Depending on the weather conditions, the excursion may be cancelled. Swimming experience is indispensable.


You will be briefed about the kayak paddling tecniques, sea conditions, route and the key moments of the experience. You must have with you water and/or fruits. We will carry than the kayaks to the see.


Material included: kayak double, paddle, seats for kayaks, safety leash for the paddles, lifejakets, wetsuits, hat for sun protection, suncream and zinc stick, snorkel gear sprayed with cressi anti fogg


We have all the equipment for a safe adventure and never go kayaking with bad weather. Of course you have to be healthy and in a good shape and tell us about any special condition you may have.

Please bring water, snacks or fruits because you need energy, suncream to avoid sunburns.

Seasickness is a form of terrestrial motion sickness characterized by a feeling of nausea and even vomiting. It is essentially the same as carsickness, though the motion of a watercraft tends to be more regular. 

You can keep this under control  by taking a pill you can find in any pharmacy. This is strongly recommended because you can enjoy all the adventure.

This adventure is not recommended for unfit people, that are not used to o minimum exercise. There is no engine to drive you on the see. YOU ARE THE ENGINE THAT MOVES THE KAYAK BY PADDLING.


Sure, if the adventure is canceled, you will be fully refunded.

You may cancel and get a full refund 24 hours before the adventure. If you miss the adventure, we can reschedule for another day.

Well, the adventure is not about a zoo, so we may not meet any dolphins or turtles. The adventure is mainly about having fun kayaking and connecting with nature, not to search the dolphins. They may find us sometimes, but we don’t chase them. So no, there is no refund in such cases. If you came to see dolphins, you picked the wrong tour, because we have another vision of kayaking tours.

Trip Preparation

An Important Note About Safety


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